Saturday, June 20, 2009

AirForce 1's

Well i have been in the air force for just shy of ONE WHOLE YEAR! so far i have been paid well, loved my job, and had great bennifits! The air force has paid $8 grand for Shanes birth, just under $200,000 for the brain surgery( and still adding up, meds not included those are $2,000 for 3 pills... i take two a day... for the next year!, and now i have added the appendix surgery to the list! i have no idea how much this one is worth, but each CT scan runs $4,000 and i've had 2, plus surgery and realy heavy drugs! i would have to say that this was a very smart place for me to be, and the best part is this! I have a total of 4 months paid medical vaccation for healing, during this time, i have still been accumilating actual vaccation time, and getting paid in full! what a kick butt job!!! i love this place! any one wants to know where the best job in the world is?! ITS the US air force! i love it! and i can't wait to put my 20 years in! HUUUAAAHHHHHH

Friday, June 19, 2009

appendix removal

So i couldn't get enough of the doctor, so i decided i needed my appendix removed!!! couple side comments i have though.... i had no clue the doctor was gona do the surgery... so i didn't "pre-shave" my tummy... so the nice little doctor left me with a mustache above my belly button!( the little wanker) and 2, it was done with a lazer, so the lazer causes major bloating... i swear i'm not that fat! i am pritty chucky.... since i can't workout from brain surgery... BUT NOT THAT FAT!!!!!!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

texas special!

well i was granted this wonderful automobile, for free! can you imagine someone not wanting this exotic high performance machine!? well.... me niether! so i decided to sink 200 bucks into her, replacing the front A arm, and the rear whell bearing, i lent it to a friend for a weekend... and he lent me 5o bucks for a tip! two days later i sold this beauty of a car for 450!!! woot woot! two hours labor, and 20 bucks in tools, brian has sold yet another P.O.S.!!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

healing my melon!

A month and a half later, its all but healed up! my head is still shaped like a squash.... but it was like that from birth so.... GOOD AS NEW!

yes.... its 4wheel drive

i got nuthin.........

The big promotion to Yellow rope!

Despite what you might think, a yellow rope is actualy a step up the ladder in the AirForce! the scale is Green rope, over 50 people, theres about 20 in a squadron. Yellow rope over 150, there is between 4 and 8 at one time, and then red rope, over 500 people, only one of them!

Hospital rent-a-cop

i'm thinking of quiting the Air Force so that i can get an imitation segway for my new company car!

Monday, March 9, 2009

human pin cushion!!!!!!!! ARGH!!!!!

shhh!!!!!!!! i'm huntin wabbits!

well, i was poked with 6 i.v's! 2 from each hospital i was at that day! ARRGGGHHHH!!!!! a 16 guage, 3 18 guage, and 2 20 guage wholes... not so fun....... ucky ucky ucky!

not trying to make you all sick from my hairy nips, but these pads are like super glue.... but free waxing! all it takes is a trip to the hospital!

Look at that redness!!!!!! its a bad pic, but, i swear, i am still sore where the adheisive super notzy glue, wrenched the hair from my milky white skin!

Monday, February 23, 2009

LEAP FROG!!!!!!!

i met this native girl, so i decided to teach her leap frog.... the whole language barrier was difficult, cus she didn't grasp the concept, i jump over you... you jummp over me! so... it was kind of one sided!

at the end of the day... it was sweet, Chief Little Left Toe ( he was half french) let me have a horse to mosey on home with! i will forever be in his debt! Now... if i could only figure out how to get this thing to move......

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Fall of western Civilization

Excuse me please! i need everyones attention! I have found the worlds most incredible morsels that need to be devoured as often as you can find them in the stores!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am actualy going crazy over them!

if i could, i would eat them instead

of breathing air! woot woot!

BAD NEWS!!!!!!!!!! i dont feel so

good..... totaly over crammed like

26 of those little develish baggies!

I believe this is how my tummy is

feeling right now.... it keeps taunting

and yelling at me!!!! UGHH!!!!!!!!!